About Us

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to deliver first class occupational and corporate health services to all customers at all times. We achieve this by being a customer-focused, results-driven, innovative service provider.

Healthwork is an innovative provider of Occupational Health. A doctor led organisation, the solutions we provide for each and every customer are designed to meet their specific requirements.

Our web based portal is a complete health system tool enabling both HR and line managers to have 24 hours access and input to the progress of all cases in which they are involved.

All Healthwork solutions are supported by our first class customer service team who know and understand our customer’s needs.

The Partners

Dr Tok Hussain
Dr Tok Hussain Consultant Occupational Health Physician

Tok is currently CEO of Healthwork and is a very well respected accredited specialist and Consultant in Occupational Medicine, a Fellow of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. Tok has acted in a number of senior roles including Chairman of the Association of Local Authority Medical Advisers (ALAMA), Honorary Assistant Editor of the Occupational Medicine journal, Chief Examiner for the MFOM examination of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and Regional Chairman of the North West Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM).

Tok has a wide experience in Occupational Medicine, having been responsible for the provision of occupational health services to a number of small and large organisations, including a number of NHS trusts, local authorities, various public sector organisations such as police forces and fire brigades, and a number of private sector companies. Tok is an HSE appointed doctor, a HAVS and ORR approved physician and health assessor for the General Medical Council and General Pharmaceutical Council.

Tok has brought his expertise into play when working on a number of important national and regional medical projects including recently as a member of the North West Covid-19 Mass Vaccination Clinical Engagement Group.

Dr Shahed Khan
Dr Shahed Khan Consultant Occupational Health Physician

While working as a General Practitioner, Shahed was drawn to a career in occupational medicine because of his interest in law. After qualifying as a consultant occupational health physician in 2003, he was fast-tracked as a Regional Director for, at the time, the largest UK private occupational health provider and remained in senior managerial positions until joining Healthwork as a co-director in 2008. Shahed has substantial standing as an expert in pension scheme medicals, including the Police Pension and Civil Service Pension schemes. He has also managed contracts with BT, Royal Mail, Coop Group, RBS and Virgin Media. Shahed is an active member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine in his roles as examiner and Faculty representative to North England medical schools.