World Mental Health Day


At Healthwork, we offer "Stress Awareness" health and wellbeing days. This raises awareness for your employees and creates a more comfortable setting, to talk, inform and act upon.

We collectively look at how we can combat mental health. Your employees meet our clinicians and counsellors, this being a personal approach, answering any questions, with presentations, workshops and our mini health checks, concluded with a report. 

To find out more or book a health day with us please call 01618319701 ref Stress Awareness Package. 

If you’re facing a stressful life situation then try some simple stress management techniques. There are different ways to cope with stress and they all require either the stressor to change or for you to change. 


Think of the 4 A’s:


Avoid the stressor. Try to eliminate the stressor from your life - if that’s practical and if the consequence of avoidance does not in itself create a set of worse stresses!

Alter the stressor. If the stressor cannot be eliminated, be willing to compromise and find a happy middle ground; try being assertive if the stressor happens to be someone’s behaviour towards you; try time management techniques, if you are finding it hard to stay calm and focused.  

Adapt to the stressor. If you can’t change the stressor, then change your expectations or attitude towards it; try a technique called re-framing, where you look for constructive opportunities or hidden benefits in something that you have hitherto considered a stressful situation; look at the bigger picture – how important is this issue in the grander scheme of things?

Accept the stressor. You can’t control what is beyond your control: learn to accept the situation, share your feelings, and focus on healthy activities to free yourself from negative energy.