Occupational Health Medicals


Occupational Health Medicals:

Specific medicals are often a requirement for certain industry sectors.  HSE legislation stipulates that all employees working with asbestos, vibrating tools, lead, ionising radiation or commercial divers are required to undertake a statutory medical. 

Specific medicals are also required for individuals who work in hazardous areas or environments such as off-shore workers, railway trackside workers, climber’s medicals, confined spaces medicals, drivers medicals, working at heights medicals, seafarers, and other medicals required for work overseas. 

The medical screening process will contain various elements such as:

• A Health Questionnaire
• Height, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Blood Pressure and pulse check (sometimes an ECG is required)
• Urine test
• Vision Assessment
• Lung Function / Spirometry
• Cholesterol Screen
• Hearing Test / Audiometry
• Skin Assessment
• Physical assessment sometimes with a VO2 test needed such as Chester Step test

Executive Medicals are also offered by some employers, as a benefit for their staff and these often include all of the above tests with the additions of:

• Stress information
• Lifestyle Analysis and Report
• Blood testing
• Medical Consultation (Occupational Health Physician)

Healthwork Advice and Discussion:

Healthwork have a number of physicians who are appointed to carry out HSE approved medicals and have experience in carrying out assessments in all of these areas as well as undertaking medicals which are required for specific work hazards and environments such as railway trackside workers and off-shore workers including the new bi-deltoid measuring service which is compulsory for any workers travelling off-shore via helicopter. 

We can also perform Executive Medicals and have a range of equipment at our disposal including assessments where ECG’s are required and Healthwork now have a Cardiologist who can interpret any abnormal ECG results.

Healthwork also carry out bespoke medicals which can be tailored to you or your company’s individual needs and we offer these services from our Manchester, Leeds and London clinics.