Manchester Arena Bombing - free support


Manchester Arena Bombing - free support

Everybody at Healthwork was deeply saddened, shocked, horrified and moved following the Manchester bombing.  

As a Manchester based company, we take pride in our great city, and we are proud of the part that we play in the health and wellbeing of working people in the city.  

In order to help any employees that may have been affected directly by the incident, we will for the next six weeks be offering free counselling and support sessions which we will be funding ourselves. This is a free offer to any employee within your organisation who may have been affected by the bombing.  

We would like to offer free support for any of your employees who may have been directly affected by the incident.  We employ fully accredited and trained doctors, nurses, and counsellors.  We would be happy for one of our trained counsellors to speak to any employee who has been affected directly by the terror incident.  

It can often help employees to speak to somebody independent about their feelings as a form of debriefing. We would then follow this up with a contact again in about four weeks, time to ensure that the individual is progressing satisfactorily and has all the support in place that they may need. 

Accessing Support

We hope that this offer of help will be useful and if any of your employees wish to speak confidentially to one of our counsellors, they can either telephone us on 0161 831 9701 or email us at , and we can then arrange a time for them to speak to one of our counsellors.