Aviation medicals for pilots and cabin crew



Healthwork, our premises and our AMEs have been approved by the CAA and we are delighted to say that we meet the high CAA standards.

Healthwork can now therefore offer private pilots medicals and cabin crew medicals.  


We can now offer class 2, LAPL (light aircraft pilots licence), cabin crew medicals, ratings assessments and FISO (Flight Information service officer) medicals.  We can do initial, renewal and revalidation medical.



At Healthwork, Dr Azam can examine to class 2 and LAPL standards and carry out cabin crew medical assessments in the Greater Manchester Area.  Please click on the link below to see Dr Azam's CAA listing:






Medical Type                                                          Healthwork Price



EASA Class 2 medical (incl CAA fee)                   £130



LAPL medical                                                        £135



FISO medical                                                       £85



ECG (if required)                                                  £35         



Spirometry (if required)                                       £30



Audiogram (if required)                                        £30



Casework                                                               £22.50 per 15 minutes


If work in addition to the medical is required  pro-rata


e.g. liaising with the CAA, updating fitness status,


requesting or perusing specialist reports etc



ECG overread by a Cardiologist                              £25 


(if required in accordance with CAA





Cabin Crew Medical                                                £120