Healthwork Alert - Number 55 NEW State of the art MRI scanning and imaging facilities


NEW Imaging Facilities  – special offer to Healthwork customers
Healthwork has partnered with South Manchester Diagnostic Centre, enabling Healthwork and its customers to rapidly access the latest investigative diagnostic technology. 

South Manchester Diagnostics is a brand new facility that offers state of the art imaging facilities including a Siemens Skyra 3T MRI scanner plus x-ray and ultrasound facilities.  The centre located in South Manchester also offers consulting rooms and clinical laboratory tests.  The centre offers rapid appointments with rapid reporting of results.

Many employees are waiting for long periods for NHS investigations such as MRI scans and X-rays.  MRI scanning and X-rays investigations are often a bottle-neck in the care of a patient and accessing these privately can facilitate the care for patients.  The waiting times for these tests can increase sickness absence times significantly.

There is often a case for employers funding investigations for employees thus expediting their care and reducing downtime and sickness absence. 

Healthwork in conduction with this partnership with South manchester Diagnostics is able to facilitate this process and help with expedited return to work programmes. 

Healthwork customers can benefit from special
introductory offer rates for imaging as follows:

  • MRI scan single area    £299
  • MRI scan 2 areas           £499
  • MRI scan 3 areas           £699
  • X-ray single area            £85
  • X-ray 2 areas                   £100
  • Ultrasound scans          £325

To discuss investigations and imaging, and how this might benefit your staff, please contact us on 0161 831 9701.  You can also contact Sarah Whittaker at South Manchester Diagnostic Centre on 0161 738 1740 or at

Please quote HealthworkMRI for the special offer rate.
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