Healthwork Alert 46


Dyslexia Awareness Week:

In 2017, Dyslexia Awareness Week runs from 2nd October till 8th October, with the main theme of being 'Positive about Dyslexia'.

World Dyslexia Awareness Day is on 5th October 2017.

The main topics are relevant to managing dyslexia in the workplace including early identification, appropriate assessments, reasonable adjustments and raising dyslexia awareness.

Dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty, which affects the way an individual processes information.   As a result, dyslexia hinders the acquisition of adequate literacy skills, such as reading, writing and spelling. Approximately, ten percent of the UK population have dyslexia. It is identified as a disability in the Equality Act 2010. Many sufferers cannot fulfil their potential as a large percentage of the population still do not understand what dyslexia is, the difficulties which the condition presents and do not know how best to support them. Dyslexia is not an obvious difficulty; it is hidden. So, people with dyslexia have to overcome numerous barriers to make a full contribution to society.

Healthwork Advice and Discussion:

Healthwork will support you in managing dyslexia in the workplace.

Employers have a legal obligation to ensure that disabled people are not treated unfavourably and are offered reasonable adjustments or support. Many people in the workplace have not been diagnosed with dyslexia. Some may even be unaware that they have dyslexic difficulties. Healthwork provides multiple services which can help employers identify and manage employees with dyslexia. Most importantly we can help educate managers and employees about the nature of dyslexia. Healthwork can organise assessments with Psychologists to diagnose dyslexia as well as Workplace Assessments. Occupational Health physicians and advisors can advise on practical adjustments and strategies to manage dyslexia taking into account workplace, medical, psychological and social factors. They can also advise on the applicability of the Equality Act 2010, possibility of other related cognitive issues such as dyspraxia and signposting to other relevant services which may be indicated. Healthwork also provide a number of services that may be indicated such as DSE assessments, counselling and training.
If you would like further details on how to access these services then please visit our website or alternatively contact us on
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